Sunday, August 28, 2011

Playing at the Park...

Addison is only 16 months old but you would never think that by the way she plays.  She plays HARD.  She is a tough little girl and very coordinated at such a young age.  She thinks that she can and should be able to do everything that the older kids can do.
Take the park for instance, some of those slides are pretty big and I would think that a little girl her size should be sitting in a parent’s lap when going down the slide.  Not Addi—she can do it by herself!  She may end up at the bottom upside down, but she doesn’t care!  She loves it!  She also loves to swing!
The expression of pure joy on her face and the squeal she makes when she realizes that we are going to the park is truly priceless. 

A milkshake BEFORE the park is a must, right? 

Fell asleep in the car on the 10-minute ride home!  TIRED little girl!

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