Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Fun...

Thank goodness for another weekend!  It’s so great to be home with family.  This weekend started off with me taking Addison and Katie Belle to a church festival at Ann’s church on Saturday.  Lucy and Carson were there and Melinda and Kylee came too along with Ann and Riley and Jacob.  The festival was to help raise money for a building that the church is planning to build in the near future.
There were inflatables, pony rides, petting zoo, dunking booth, face painting, vendors set up, sno-cones, and lots of games for the kids to play.  The kids really seemed to enjoy themselves but it was really hot and Katie Belle does not like to be hot! 
Katie Belle was very brave and rode the pony.  She loved it!  She also got her face painted twice.  The first time she had a horse painted on her cheek.  When she was throwing balls at the dunking booth though, some water splashed on her and got her face wet so the horse got washed off.  When we went back to get her another face painting, she decided she wanted a lady bug.  Both of them were very cute!

Both of them won prizes playing games—they played cornhole and they picked a duck with a star on the bottom out of the duck pond.  They won bracelets, slinkys, and ring pops.
Here are some pictures from our adventures:

On Sunday after church and after nap, we decided to wash the trucks.  It was another hot day so getting in the water hose sounded like a good idea.  Addison was a big help of course.  Craig vacuumed both of them out first and then Addi helped to wash them.  Needless to say, by the time we were done, she was soaked from head to toe!  I took her straight to the bath tub as soon as we went inside!

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