Friday, August 12, 2011


Addi was supposed to have her 15-month well-baby check-up this Thursday, 8/11,  but she has been battling the croup so we had to reschedule it for August 31st.  I will update her new stats after that appointment but I think she weighs somewhere around 21 lbs right now.  She is wearing mostly 18-month clothes and size 5 shoes.  She is still wearing a size 4 diaper and eats pretty much anything we eat.  She has 8 teeth (4 on top and 4 on the bottom).
She is such a talker.  I am so amazed at the amount of words she says!  She says a lot that we don’t understand too but she understands EVERYTHING that we say to her.  It’s so cute—she is going through a phase where she LOVES her baby dolls.  She puts them in the stroller and pushes them around, she feeds them their bottle, and she runs around the house singing, “rock the baby, rock the baby.”  It’s so adorable—I think she is going to be very nurturing someday (let’s hope).  On other days, when she is carrying her baby dolls by their hair, I think otherwise though.  He favorite baby dolls are Baby Suzie, Baby Sally, and Glowworm. 
She has been going through a bit of a biting stage but that seems to be getting better.  It seemed that she mainly wanted to bite mommy and Connor.  After quite a few very stern “no biting” corrections and a few smacks on the leg, I thinks she is getting it!  Unfortunately now, I think she has moved on to pinching—again the pinching is mainly reserved to mommy (how do I GET so lucky?).
She doesn’t like to be corrected at all.  She has a very tender heart and doesn’t like being fussed at or reprimanded.  It breaks her heart.  I hope that she keeps that compassionate, tender heart as she gets older too.
Motherhood is hard, busy, exhausting and the very best job on Earth.  The only thing I would change is that everything would just s-l-o-w down a little bit so that I could enjoy it even more!

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