Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Nightly Routine...

I never thought that I would be one of those moms who would keep a rigid routine.  That just doesn’t fit my personality I don’t think…  (And I wouldn’t say that our routine is strict or rigid because we definitely have our nights where we get home late or play outside too long and mess up our normal routine.)  But let me just say that with a little one, A ROUTINE IS NECESSARY and quite frankly, I believe that children NEED that consistency and stability.  They NEED to know what is coming next and what to expect.  Having said all of that, I just wanted to document our nightly routine because it is absolutely precious to me and something that I look forward to every night.
I always try to have some play time with Addi every night—whether it be outside or in the living room inside.  Tonight, we played inside because even at 7 PM, it was just REALLY HOT outside.  I had gone through a box of toys that Lyndi had passed down from Katie and came across this really cute doll that looked brand new (side note:  Katie has never been a big fan of baby dolls).  She loved it and we named her Baby (so original).   We rocked Baby and wrapped her in a blanket and gave her kisses and hugs.

After play time, it is bath time.  She always loves bath time and loves to play in the water.  She is a little fish!  She doesn’t mind water in her eyes which makes it easier to get her hair washed.

After I get her out of the bath tub, I dry her off, put lotion on and get her pajamas on and then it is time to READ!  I truly think this is one of her favorite times of the day.  I sit in the rocking chair in her bedroom and she brings me a book to read.  After we finish, she gets down and goes and gets another.  This goes on and on and on until I finally tell her that it’s time for bed.  It’s funny though—she goes through phases where she is stuck on the same books and every night, she brings me the same books to read.  Honestly, I would love to have some variety but these are the books that she is stuck on right now: 

While I do love these books, I am ready for her to get “stuck” on some different ones.  I guess she is a creature of habit and is stuck in a routine!

After story time, we brush our teeth and she snuggles in bed with mommy (yes, she still sleeps with us) where she gives me night time hugs and kisses and we say our prayer. 
Good night, all!

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