Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walt Disney World - Day 5

We got up bright and early Friday morning to get ready for our last character meal which was breakfast with all the Princesses.  I had been super excited for this one as it was the replacement for Cinderella's Royal Table (which was closed for refurbishments while we were there).  This character meal, called Citricos, was at the Grand Floridian and was two table service credits and while we had a good time and got to meet 5 princesses, I definitely don't think we would spend the money to do it again (193.79 for breakfast).  Again, thank goodness for the dining plan.

Addi got Mickey pancakes and the rest of us had a standard breakfast plate which is your basic American breakfast food (sausage, eggs, bacon, etc..).  The food was just average.  They also gave Addi a princess wand and even gave Austin a sword (which he passed along to Connor)!

Our flight was supposed to leave at 2:15 that afternoon so we had originally planned to check out around 11 which is normal check out time so that we could drive an hour to the airport, return the rental car, and then grab some lunch at the airport.  Thankfully, Allegiant sent me a text early that morning to let me know that there was a two hour delay so once we got back to the hotel, I called the desk to ask for a late check-out.  Thankfully they gave us a later check-out and it was kind of nice to be able to relax a little and hit up the hotel gift shop again before packing up the car to leave.

The rest of our return home was pretty smooth and uneventful.  It was nice to arrive back home in Lexington despite the temperature shock that we received upon walking outside!  Next time we go back to Disney (hopefully soon), I'm voting to go again in January.  It was truly magical.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Walt Disney World - Day 4

Sadly, this was our last full day at Disney.  Thankfully, we had another day at the Magic Kingdom though and we planned to stay there all day!

Before heading to Magic Kingdom, Craig and I just walked down to the food court and left Austin and Addi in the hotel.  We picked up breakfast and just brought it back to the room and ate in the room.  After we finished, we loaded up and headed to MK.  Instead of riding the monorail, we got on a huge boat that took us across the river to the Magic Kingdom.  It was definitely fun to experience that.

Our fast passes for that day were Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at 11:20 (which we had already ridden a couple times the day before but loved it), Enchanted Tales with Belle at 12:20, and Space Mountain at 1:20.

Since Space Mountain is completely dark and the cars are single file, we decided (and she concurred) that it wouldn't be a great ride for Addison.  Even though she loves roller coasters, we like having her beside us so that we can hold on to her (just in case) and since we wouldn't be able to hold on to her on Space Mountain, we just didn't feel comfortable.  She isn't a big fan of the dark anyway so once we told her that it was completely dark, she didn't want to ride anyway.  Craig and Austin rode it once that morning when the wait was only 10 minutes and then Austin and I rode it later that afternoon using the fast pass.  That will always be one of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom.

The weather was a little bit chillier than it had been on the other days but we were wearing shorts and light jackets and it was fine.  Still, in my opinion, it was perfect weather for Disney!

We rode Big Thunder several times, Space Mountain (as I mentioned), Dumbo the Flying Elephant a few times as well as played at the playground there (which is really cool), Haunted Mansion, Mad Tea Party (Craig and Addi only), Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor, Pirates of the Carribean, Prince Charming's Regal Carousel several times, Stitch's Great Escape (put this on the list as never again--terrible ride), Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and Enchanted Tales with Belle.

Enchanted Tales with Belle was really fun as Addi got to participate in a little skit put on by Belle and other children who went in with us.  Addi played a tea pot and the kids go up front and just act out little things as they are instructed.  Addi was a little shy but she did what she was supposed to and it was neat because she also got to be up close and personal with Belle.

We ate lunch on Thursday at Pinochio's House and it was really good.  It was very thin pizza and was really good.  We also had our usual chocolate cake for dessert.  (The lunch total without the dining plan would have been $59.86.)

By about 3 PM that day, we had pretty much rode all the rides that we had wanted to and decided to focus on meeting characters.  We had actually been really lucky this trip as far as meeting all the characters that we had wanted to but since Addi still had more room in her autograph book and she was all about the characters, we started focusing on the character tab of the Disney app and going after any and all characters that we hadn't already met.

The characters that we met throughout the week were:  Chip and Dale, Jake (Neverland Pirate), Sofia the First, Tigger, Winnie the Pooh, Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Merida (Brave), Cinderella, Tiana, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Donald Duck, Rapunzel, Tinkerbell, Goofy, Max (Goofy's nephew or son), Pluto, Peter Pan, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Anastasia, Prince Charming, Pocohauntus, Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit, and Prince Gaston.  I think that's all but that is A LOT!  She truly got to meet and have her picture made with so many characters.

We were still at the park for dinner so we ate at the Colubia Harbour House which is also inside the Magic Kingdom.  We tried to get into Belle's Castle for dinner but I hadn't made advance reservations and it's really hard to get in.  I had read the menu months in advance and didn't think any of us would like the food that much anyway but it would have been cool just to get to go inside and eat there anyway!  Columbia Harbour House was good and it was nice to sit and rest for a while. Craig and I had fish there and the kids both had chicken and we of course had dessert!

After dinner, we walked around a little bit longer.  We had a few snack credits left so we got some cotton candy, a Mickey pretzel, and some popcorn.

Around 8 PM, we decided we were ready to go.  We were exhausted after a 12-hour day at the park and we knew that we had to get back to the room and start packing up to leave the next day.  Again, as we were leaving that night, Addi was asleep after about 37 seconds in the car!  I believe that she had a good day!