Wednesday, August 10, 2011

15-month old Addison...

Here are some fun facts about Addi now that she is 15-months:

-97th percentile for height
-70th percentile for weight
-50th percentile for head circumference
-Still wears size 4 diapers
-Wears mostly 18-month old clothes (some 12-months)
-Wears size 4.5 shoe
-Still has 8 teeth
-Knows nearly all the animal sounds
-Can identify and say almost every animal (even dinosaur)
-Loves popsicles and thinks that every time you go outside, you should have one (or two)
-Goes to bed at around 9-9:30 and gets up around 7 or 8.
-Takes 1 nap per day (usually anywhere from an hour to two hours)
-Loves Dora even though she rarely watches her cartoon but loves coloring books or sticker or pajamas or anything toy-related with Dora on it
-Loves to “paint” and asks to do it all the time
-Loves to color
-Calls my mom “memaw” instead of “grandma”
-Calls my dad “papaw” instead of “grandpa”
-Calls Craig’s mom “nina” instead of “nana”
-Gives great hugs—even uses sound effects when squeezing your neck
-Is sometimes stingy with kisses (not to momma though J)
-Has become quite a little squealer when she gets excited
She is a bundle of joy and she makes me smile every day!

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