Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011...

We packed up and headed to Nolin on Friday after work and made it down there at around 8:30 PM.  The forecast called for a scorching hot weekend and that it was! 
It was great to see so many people from the family who came down and we were able to spend a lot of time in the water, in the boat, at the candy dock, and playing cards! 
Addi was so excited to see GG (Mamaw) and was looking forward to seeing Ty Ty (Jackie’s dog).

Besides my Mamaw, we were the first group to arrive Friday night.  Shortly after our arrival, Monica, AJ, & Madison arrived and then Brent, Sara, and Hunter.  That night we played a lot of cards and I made my buffalo chicken dip and we started inhaling that!
Saturday morning, the Bowling Green crowd arrived for the day—Lindle & Diane, Paul, Shannon, Evan, & Elizabeth, Matt, Tiffany, Karson, Isaac, & Miles.  Jackie and Ty also came Saturday morning!
We went out on the boat during the day and Karson, Evan, and Elizabeth all got to ride the tube together.  We made a run to the candy dock so that the kids could get icees, popsicles, and candy.  Addi chose a sucker (of course) and was sticky from head to toe!
As usual, Addi loved swimming in the lake and the life jacket didn’t seem to bother her at all this time!

Saturday afternoon, Mom & Dad, Lyndi, Randy, Katie Belle, and Connor arrived.  We took 3 boats full of family out on the lake that evening for a special memorial.  We laid our Papaw Pogue to rest in Nolin Lake.  It was so appropriate because it was his most favorite place to be—and also the place where his life here on Earth ended.  It was a gorgeous night and a beautiful sunset—the atmosphere could not have been more perfect.  Matt read the 23rd Psalm and said a prayer and then Brent spread Papaw’s ashes into the water.  It was very special.  Everyone listed above was there for the special tribute to Papaw.

Sunday morning Kenton arrived.  We did more swimming also played corn hole, rode golf carts, and grilled out steaks and burgers.  Sunday evening it started storming so we stayed in and played cards!

We left around noon on Monday and headed towards home.  We did make a pit stop in E-town to visit Marcie and Darrin, my 2nd cousin, and see the beautiful house that they just built.  It was gorgeous.

It was a great weekend and so wonderful to spend some time with the family that I don’t see as often as I’d like!  I’m so thankful for the closeness of our family!

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