Saturday, September 24, 2011

Playing catch up…

Unfortunately with our fast-pased and busy lifestyle, I am always playing catch-up on my blog.  I do want to add some random pictures that I just didn’t have the time to devote an entire posting to!
Addison’s vocabulary is going strong.  She speaks in full sentences and her latest 4-syllable word is alligator.  The girl can say whatever she wants and watch what you say, because she WILL repeat it! 
She has recently gone from calling me “momma” to “mommy”—she goes back and forth on that.  She refuses to call my mom “grandma” as my mom would like but instead she is “memaw.”  My dad would prefer her to call him “grandpa” but she insists that he is “papaw.”  My mother-in-law is “nana” but Addi calls her “nina.”  She definitely has a mind of her own!  It’s cute though and I think it is going to be representative of her personality! 
She has a new obsession with zipping things.  She wants to zip and unzip her jacket and mine and anyone else that has one on.  She has even tried to unzip people’s flys!  I have a zipper pouch for my camera case and she loves to play with it and put her pacifier in it and say, “where’d paci go?” Then she will unzip it and say, “there she is!”  She’s very funny and that will keep her busy for a while!
She still LOVES to play with stickers and her “sticka book.”  She likes to paint and color and do lots of creative things—such as taking all of the spoons, forks out of the silverware tray and put it all back in.  That keeps her busy sometimes while I’m trying to cook or do stuff in the kitchen….  I just have to get creative sometimes!
We have had to find more things to do inside as the weather has started to turn cool.  She loves being outside so much so I am sad that summer is over!  I am hoping that all the time indoors will give me an opportunity to start working with her on things like colors and numbers and the alphabet!  She is such a little sponge so it will be fun to watch her learn!
We have been working a lot on manners.  She often has to be reminded of them but I think she is getting better.  When she wants something, we insist that she say please and she responds with “pease.”  She says “bless you” most of the time when someone sneezes.  She will say “thank you” when she is given something (most of the time after being reminded) but she is getting better!
She melts my heart daily. 

Wilmore Park with Carson

Hayride with Riley, Jacob, Kyndal, & Katie Belle

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