Monday, October 17, 2011

Vacation 2011

Vacation was extra special this year because nearly all of my Dad’s side of the family was there with us.  In addition to the four of us, my parents, my sister and her family, my brother and his girlfriend Kristie, my mother and father in law, and my sister-n-law and her family, my Dad’s parents were there along with his two sisters his brother with their families.  The only family missing on my Dad’s side was my cousin Matthew and his wife and two boys.  It was really great to have everyone there together and we had a really great time.  The kids had a blast playing with all of their cousins. 
For the most part, the weather was great.  We had one day that was rainy so we used that day to go to Pier Park and do some shopping, which is always fun.
On Tuesday, October 11th, Austin turned sweet 16.  What a great place to spend a 16th birthday.  I will have a post devoted to that with some pictures coming up!
The kids loved feeding the birds on the beach and I’m sure the birds loved it too.  They also loved playing in the sand and burying each other!  When everyone was in the pool together, it was a little crazy (and loud) but so much fun.
Addi enjoyed picking up seashells too and loved swimming in the pool wearing her puddlejumpers.  She even jumped off the side and didn’t mind when she went under water.
We all played washers, cornhole, frisbie, and threw football.  There was PLENTY to keep everyone busy! 
We spent the days on the beach and at the pool and ate breakfast and lunch in and went out for dinner every night.  Our list of restraints were Boatyard, Triple J’s Steakhouse, Longhorn Steak House, The Shrimp Boat, Mellow Mushroom, Boatyard (again – it was good), and Pineapple Willies.
Aunt Lois  & Uncle Jackie took us to the airport EARLY Saturday morning!

The best part was just RELAXING and spending time with FAMILY.  I am so thankful for such a wonderful, close family.
Addi and I flew down and she did really well.  I think she will be old enough to make the drive next year so we will probably try that—driving through the night of course!

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