Wednesday, April 27, 2011

And She's Off....

I can officially announce that my sweet little Addison is mobile.  She has been taking steps for quite a while now but now she walks all over the house!  It’s so cute and sad.  It has amazed me how cautious she has been with the whole walking thing because she is a dare-devil when it comes to most other things.  It really took her a while to build up her confidence but now she believes in herself and grins from ear to ear as she prances all over the place.  She will even walk on the hardwood now even though she has figured out that it doesn’t feel as good to fall on that as the carpeting. 
With her turning a year old exactly one week from today, it is time for me to accept the fact that my baby is not really a baby anymore.  Wow, that is difficult.  I can’t imagine how hard her first day of school will be on me and other firsts that I will have to endure down the road. 
Another milestone for her is that she is no longer taking formula.  We switched her to whole milk yesterday after we used up the last bit of formula.  I couldn’t justify buying another canister of formula when doctors recommend switching them to whole milk when they are a year old.  She has been on formula since she was 9 ½ months old after I stopped breastfeeding her because of her lack of patience with the slow-flow of breast milk (in addition to the fact that my supply was on the decline).  The whole milk has been a challenge so far but she does drink it.  I think it is just going to be a process of her getting used to it.  We are still warming it on the stove like we did her formula and I need to stop doing that too but we are taking baby steps.
I guess the next thing that will have to happen will be taking away the bottle and having her use sippy cups 100% of the time.  She uses sippys a lot now but she still takes 2-3 bottles a day and honestly, I enjoy giving my “baby” a bottle at bedtime.  So once I feel like she has gotten used to the taste of whole milk, I guess I will start weaning her from the bottle—boohoo!
Okay, so this post is depressing me…  Where has the time gone? 
Action shot
Reading with brother...

Napping with daddy...

Just being silly!

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