Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor…

Addison babbles all the time but for some reason lately, she has been babbling a phrase that sounds exactly like she is saying “doctor, doctor, doctor.”  She ALWAYS says it three times!  Not sure where it came from, but we repeatedly say that phrase a lot now at home and then she will repeat it.  It’s so funny. 
Well today she had an appointment with the doctor, doctor, doctor and it was to have her enzyme levels checked for the biotinidase deficiency that she has.  Unfortunately, they had to take blood from her arm which was no fun at all but before that, she had to have her hearing checked (and she passed with flying colors) and then she saw Dr. Mabry.  Here are some pictures we took of her while (im) patiently waiting for the doctor, doctor, doctor:

Destroying the paper on the table!

Her weight today at the doctor, doctor, doctor’s office was 20.5 lbs and her height was 30.25 inches.  We will get the results of the bloodwork back next week and hopefully if her levels are higher, we can discontinue giving her the biotin daily.   
After we left, we stopped at McDonalds because French fries and chicken nuggets makes everything all better, right?  J

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  1. Tiffany told me you had a blog, so when I got home last night, I looked it up and then promptly read the whole thing (and all of Austin's too--how sweet!!!!). I loved hearing about your pregnancy and birth and learning so much about Addie. I'm excited to stay "caught up" with you all through your blog!

    It was so good to see you this weekend!