Saturday, April 9, 2011

Addi's First Ear Infection...

I knew the time would come when my sweet little girl would be bitten by the ear infection bug.  I am very grateful that she didn’t get her first ear infection until 11 months old but unfortunately it was a DOUBLE ear infection so she had a pretty hard time with it!  It actually happened on her ACTUAL 11-month birthday (4-4-11).  She was up nearly all hours of the night—it was truly like we were reliving our first few nights home from the hospital with a newborn baby.  It was HORRIBLE.  First thing Monday morning, I called the doctor and her pediatrician was on vacation (of course) so we got an appointment with another pediatrician in the practice.  She had been running a fever through the night but thanks to Tylenol she was no longer running a fever.  The doctor checked her out thoroughly and said that her ears were a little pink and “dull” (whatever that means) and advised us to give her some Benadryl syrup at night before bed to prevent an ear infection.  Bottom line—we chalked it up to teething since she still only has 4 teeth.  Monday night was another awful night but we just kept giving her the Tylenol for fever and pain and continued to exist on very little sleep.  Tuesday night was bad again so we called the on-call doctor at 3:30 AM and was advised to come back in to be seen on Wednesday morning.  We took her in and saw a different pediatrician and were told that she now had a double ear infection.  In a way I was just glad to have a diagnosis—something that could be treated with MEDICATION!!!  She was given Amoxicilian and it has helped A LOT.  She is sleeping much better thankfully.  I don’t think I could have made it through another bad night and continued to go to work. 
When they weighed her at the doctor’s office, she was 20.2 lbs!! 
I'm so thankful that she is feeling better and is back to her happy, sweet self! 

Here are some pics when she was NOT feeling so good. 

Popsicles for fever!

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  1. Poor little thing and her mama. It stinks when the kids get sick, PERIOD. Glad she is on the mend.