Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

It dawned on me Friday after work that I hadn’t taken Addison to see the Easter bunny….  Obviously, that isn’t an important part of the Easter celebration but it definitely makes for a cute picture and since this was her first Easter, I was anxious to see her reaction to the huge stuffed animal with rabbit ears.  Lyndi was still at work at the mall, so Randy and I packed up the 3 kids and headed to see the Easter bunny.  Katie was very excited—until we got there and then her enthusiasm took a nose dive.  We never did get her to smile and trying to get 3 little ones to look in the same direction is quite a task so this is the best we got:

Addison loves stuffed animals so it was no surprise that she loved the Easter bunny.  She kept looking up at him so it was actually hard to get her to look at the camera so that we could capture that sweet face!
We went to the food court to grab some dinner and noticed that there was a MAJOR storm going on outside.  About that time, my phone rang and my dad informed me that we needed to get home and get to the basement because we were under a tornado warning.  So Addi and I went straight home and straight to the basement.  Austin was still at school at play practice and they had to seek shelter there and Craig was still at work.  Luckily, no tornadoes hit our area although there were reports of tornadoes in nearby counties.  Later that night, at 3AM, the sirens went off in our city as we were under yet ANOTHER tornado warning.  Once again, we all headed down to the basement to wait it out and thankfully again, no tornado. 
The next morning, we were planning on taking Addison to an Easter egg hunt at church but because it was so rainy outside we decided to skip it even though the egg hunt had been moved indoors.  I just didn’t feel like getting out when it was so nasty outside.
We opted to attend Easter service at church on Saturday night instead of Sunday so we all got ready and met mom and dad and Lyndi and Randy and our “adopted-sister” Angela at church.  The church service was wonderful and the girls (Katie and Addi) looked adorable in their matching Easter dresses that grandma bought for them.  Even Connor had an adorable new Easter outfit on.  Here are some of the pictures in our Easter get-up:

After the service, we all went to Tony Roma’s for a wonderful dinner.  Brad met us there as he had been at work all day until around 6:30.  More pictures from dinner:

Easter morning the kids got up and went thru their Easter baskets.  Addison was more into the Easter grass than anything (of course)!  One of the things in Austin’s basket was a DVD of the movie South Pacific which is the musical that he has been rehearsing for—the productions are coming up soon on May 5-7th and May 12-14th.

A little sad that there was no chocolate for her!

We went to Craig’s parents for Easter lunch with the whole family and then to my parent’s house around 3 for an outdoor Easter egg hunt and then dinner from the grill.  Addison actually did well hunting eggs.  She would pick one up and put it in the basket.  Next year, she will be a pro! 

I am so grateful to have been able to celebrate the resurrection of our Savior with my amazing family and very thankful for the family traditions that we have.

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  1. Such cute pictures. It's so nice that you have all your family near by like that. The kids are getting so big. Glad y'all had a wonderful Easter. =)