Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Anyone that knows me well at all, knows that my nutritional existence is dependent on a few staple foods:  chicken (tenders, n’ dumplins, bbq), mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, pizza, poptarts, McDs, and turkey subs.  That pretty much sums it up.  I am not proud of this at all and hope to instill better eating habits in my 11-month old daughter.  I plan on using the ole “do as I say, not as I do (or eat)” saying a lot in the next few years. 
I am, unfortunately, though starting to see some similarities between the things that she likes and the things that I like.  For example, Tuesday night I stopped in at the Little Caesar’s drive-thru and picked up a hot-n-ready pepperoni pizza.  I just couldn’t resist—it’s just so easy and I needed EASY.  Austin was at play practice and Craig at work so it was just me and Addi.  I put her in her high chair and gave her broken up pieces of pepperoni and bites of the cheese and crust.  She LOVED it—I couldn’t feed her fast enough.  After I felt that she had had enough, I got out some of her stage 3 baby food and tried to balance out her meal by providing something a little more nutritional.  I got her to take a few bites but she quickly realized that the chicken with mixed vegetables didn’t taste nearly as good as the pizza had—and she was done with it.  Having a major desire to feed her something healthy, I got out the old faithful—a banana and she did eat over half of it and drank some milk so I felt a little less guilty about my sweet girl’s unhealthy dinner! 
Apparently the pizza made quite an impression on her because the next day, I had her on my hip (as usual) when I opened the refrigerator door to put something in there.  She saw the Little Caesar’s pizza box in the refrigerator  and pointed to it and said, “pizza.”  It was clear as a bell—I nearly fainted!!!  It was hilarious.  At this point, her vocabulary is very limited—da-da, ma-ma, bu-bba, ball, bye-bye, and now PIZZA of all things…  She is her mother’s daughter!!

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  1. Thats hilarious! Love it! Hey, at least she doesn't have expensive taste when it comes to the pizza, right? Tee hee.