Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Thank Heaven for Sisters….

Having a sister is such a precious thing…  Even though my sister and I are 10 years apart in age, we have a special bond between us.  I think it is a “sister thing” because I know that my mom and her sister and my best friend Ann and her sister have that same bond.  It is a very special gift and I’m so thankful for it.  In a way, I’m very sad for Addison that she won’t have that same relationship since she won’t have a sister, but I really hope that she and Katie Belle will be as close as sisters and share a sisterly bond between them.  It’s also nice to have a brother/sister bond but there is just nothing like the bond between sisters.  It’s unexplainable.  Love ya Lyndi!!
Here are some pictures of Katie and Addison.  I hope their love and admiration for each other grows beyond 1st cousins to “sisters.”
Wearing their matching "moosin around" pjs

She looks so grown up with straight hair!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe how big Katie has gotten! I haven't seen her in a long time. She looks more like Lyndi now, don't you think? It's nice to see Connor (right?) too - I've not see him yet. He totally looks like Randy! So not fair. Addison looks a lot like her Daddy too. ;)
    I have three sisters so I know what you mean. All our little girls are as close as they can be too. I'm sure y'alls will always be the same. Such sweet relationships.