Friday, March 11, 2011

Showers of Family and Friends…

Just wanted to post a few pictures from the showers that I was given while I was pregnant with Addison.  Everyone was so sweet and generous and the showers were so much fun.  We are very blessed to have such amazing family and friends.  It was always so fun to go home after the showers and go back through everything and hang her little clothes up in her closet and decorate her room!

I had my first shower in Louisville on Sunday March 14th—it was given by my Aunt Lois, Aunt Sharon, and Cousin Monica and was held at my Grandma Pogue’s house.  It was for all of my family who live out of town.  We had a wonderful time but missed my grandmother who was still in Florida for the winter!  Here are some pictures from the shower:

Addi's 1st bathing suit!

My second shower was on Sunday March 21st in Nicholasville at the Corman Building—it was given by my sister, my sister-in-law and friends Ann Cissell and Lucy Griffith.  It was for all of my close friends from the Nicholasville/Lexington area.  We had a great turnout and got lots of wonderful stuff:

My last shower was a surprise and was thrown by my co-workers at LFUCG on Wednesday, March 24th in the Accounting conference room.  I was totally shocked—they definitely got me good and it was such a nice and thoughtful surprise.  It was given by Winona Embry, Renee Wallingford, and Tracy Sweat.  Thankfully, some co-workers supplied me with pictures since I didn't have my camera!

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