Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Perfect Weekend...

What a wonderful weekend.  It was jam-packed with all things GOOD!  I need to fast-forward a little bit to the present as my posts so far have gone back in time a little bit.  This weekend was just too perfect not to write about—nothing extraordinary or anything—just the little things in life that matter most!  Saturday was a great day because UK won its second-round NCAA game to advance to the Sweet 16!  Addison and I went to mom and dad’s house to watch the game with our wonderful family (Addison was sporting her UK cheerleader outfit which is so adorable).  It’s always more fun to watch the game with family and since Craig was at work and Austin had play practice, we went over for the 2nd half!  Lyndi, Katie Belle, and Connor were there too.  Thankfully, after an extremely close game, we were victorious and all were happy!  We came home and spent some time outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  Spring weather is unbeatable—I love it and so does Addi!  Saturday night was fun too because I got to spend some much-needed girl time with close friends and we had a blast.  We decided that we definitely needed to do that more often! 
Sunday was my ideal of the perfect day.  We got up and had breakfast and then went to church together.  After a great service at church, we went to Jimmy Johns and ate lunch and then went to Dick’s at the mall to look at tubes for this summer at the lake (we are already anticipating our summer on the boat)!   We got home around 12:30 and Addison hadn’t had her morning nap and was rubbing those pretty blue eyes so we both laid down in my bed and took a little nap together!  It was great—she doesn’t believe in long naps (afraid she might miss something good) so she was ready to get up an hour later—rejuvinated and ready to play so we went outside and played and played and played some more.  She LOVES it outside just like her momma!  Craig came out and we did some clean-up in the garage and then decided to go to work on de-cluttering our basement!  We have so much stuff down there and need to get rid of about half of it so we have a huge pile started of things to sell in an upcoming yard sale.  Austin and Addi were “helping” us go through boxes and organize things.  Addison loved exploring and finding new things to get into!  We would work on the basement for a while and then take a break and go in the back yard and rest on the porch swing for a while, which was nice. 

After we finished up down there, we were hungry and still needed to run to the grocery so we did that and then came home and grilled some burgers and had baked potatoes for dinner.  It was great that it was so nice outside because we LOVE grilling!  After that, it was bath time for Addi (and she REALLY needed a bath after all that playing outside and crawling around in the basement) and then story time and finally bedtime—we were all ready for bed after a fun day together.  I cherish the days when we ALL get to spend the whole day together—those days are so precious to me.  I’m very blessed.

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