Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Human Sponge…

It totally amazes me how quickly children learn—they truly are little sponges.  I absolutely love to watch Addison as she figures things out.  I had read that talking to your baby a lot and reading to them at a young age would really help them and I totally believe that to be true.  We talk to her all the time and apparently she has been listening!  You can ask her, “where’s your ball,” and then watch her eyes as she searches the room for it until her eyes land on the ball and then she crawls over to it.  She does the same thing when you ask her where her doggie is and her monkey and her eggs (Easter eggs) and her blanky and her baby and the list goes on and on.  She is so smart.  She has also recently discovered her belly button and everyone elses too.  She will randomly come up to me and raise my shirt so that she can see my belly button and then stick her finger right in it!  She loves it that she has one too.  It’s adorable.  Here are some pictures of her recent discoveries:

We always (well most always) read books before bedtime.  It's so funny because I try to introduce new books into our reading ritual (I get so tired of reading the same ones over and over and over) and she will make it one or two pages into it and then smack the book away as if to say she has had enough!  She's very sassy--if she doesn't like the book I've picked out, she lets me know it! 
Her vocabulary is still very limited at this point but she can say bye-bye and dada and mama and I think she has said bubba a couple of times.  While she can’t say a whole lot yet, I know that she understands us when we talk to her and I love it!  She will be 11-months old in about  a week and it is an absolutely adorable age!

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