Friday, March 18, 2011

Panama City Beach Vacation…

We normally make the trek to Panama City every year by car, but this year things were different—Addison Claire changed all of that to the benefit of all of us (but not our bank account)!  She just isn’t a good traveler.  Most babies take the opportunity to get in a nap while in their car seat but I think Addison finds it way too confining and sitting still for any length of time is just not a strength of hers.  So Delta to the rescue—Austin was super excited because he had never flown before so both of our kids were going to get a chance at flying for the first time—one at age 14 and the other at 5 months.  After we made flight arrangements, some others in our clan decided that sounded like a much better option than driving for 10 hours so they followed suit.  My parents and sister and brother-in-law, Katie Belle, and Kristy made the trip by driving while us and my in-laws and brother and sister-in-law and Brad all flew.  There were a total of 11 of us flying and we flew out of Louisville.  I was a little nervous that she would be loud on the plane and would disrupt the other passengers so we had an arsenal of toys and books and bottles just in case.  She did wonderfully though and it was really nice to get there so quickly! 

Addi looks terrified!

We spent the days on the beach and at night we always went out for dinner.  The weather was beautiful but a little windy and the beaches were gorgeous.  We were a little nervous about the beaches since there had been the huge oil spill several months earlier but we saw no trace of oil at all—it was fabulous. 

Addison loved the pool—she is going to be a water dog I believe and she loved having her toes in the ocean and sand too. 

Some of the restaurants that we visited while there were Boatyard, Pineapple Willies, Sharkys, Angelos, Scampys, and Reggae Js.  I have to say that my favorite place was Sharky’s which was a place that we had never been to before.  I also like the Shrimp Boat but we didn’t make it to that place this year.  We also did some shopping at Pier Park and even had to make a trip to the Urgent Treatment Center because Addi had a cold and cough.  They gave her some Amoxicillian and that really seemed to help her.  Even though she was a little sick, she was very happy and seemed to totally enjoy our vacation.

It was a great trip and Addison got lots of attention with both sets of her grandparents there!  We love having the whole family together but missed Debbie and Nick.  Here are some more pictures of our fun trip!

We are already looking forward to our trip back to Panama City in October of 2011!

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