Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY…

After a beautiful Friday and Saturday, we were excited about another beautiful day on Sunday—at least that is what the forecast told us.  Sunny, with a high of 79 and less than 5% chance of rain.  Yippee—perfect weather for our Palm Sunday service at church that was going to be held outside along with the fun-filled festivities after church which included a cook-out, Easter egg hunt, inflatables, games, etc…
Well, the forecast was dead wrong and the rain poured!!  L  Church was held inside and we did manage to get the Easter egg hunt in after church but that’s about it!  Addi loved it even though her feet were cold and wet (she was wearing Crocs) and all of the eggs were wet and had grass sticking to them! 

Craig thought they were asking for volunteers for a PIZZA-eating contest.  I pushed him toward the table since he’s such a big eater and he was happy to volunteer since he was starving.  Turns out—they were looking for volunteers for a PEEP-eating contest.  Marshmallow PEEPS!!  LOL!!!  He HATES marshmallows!!  Oh well, too late.  He was already in—no turning back now!  He didn’t win—if it had been pizza, no doubt he would have though!

After that, it was starting to drizzle more, so we left and ate at KFC on the way home.  On the way into KFC, it was just a drizzle, but on the way out, it was POURING.  We were soaked and it was a very cold rain.  Sometimes, you’ve just gotta laugh.
When we got home, Addi and I snuggled up and took a nap while Craig went to the new house to work!

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  1. Peep eating contest - sad I missed seeing that! We had to lay all our candy and eggs out on a towel to dry out and then I had to wash all the grass off the eggs, but Kennedy didn't seem to mind at all so oh well!