Sunday, April 1, 2012

In transition…

Here are a few pictures of our last weekend in our house.  We decided that we would all sleep together down in the living room since it was our last Saturday night at Ridge View so we made a pallet, had popcorn, watched the UK game, and snuggled up.  Addi went to sleep in my arms but when we all laid down on the floor, we decided that we didn't want to have aching backs the next morning since we had so much work to do the next day!  Here are a few pics from the last few days in our house!

Addi enjoyed playing with all of the newspaper I was using to wrap the breakables!

Well, we have been living in transition with Craig's parents for a week now and it really hasn’t been bad.  We are very cramped in our bedroom because of all of our clothes, shoes, etc… but other than that, we are doing fine.
After the first night of Craig, Addison, and me trying to sleep in a full-size bed, we pulled out an air mattress and Craig has been sleeping on that ever since—smooth sailing from then on.  Austin has his own bedroom and has settled in very well which is no surprise since he is at his “home away from home.”
There is a nice park in the subdivision that we have taken Addi to and there is plenty of space in the back yard for her to play and use her sidewalk chalk.  They have even mounted her swing in their back yard so that she has her swing.

It’s obvious that the kids are loving the extra “nana” and “papaw” time that they are getting and Ruth has been wonderful about cooking for us (which is no surprise).  Roy has been helping Craig out at the new house a lot so we have been very blessed. 
Austin spent Thursday thru Saturday night in Nashville with his show choir group.  They went to Show Choir Nationals and performed at the Grand Ole’ Opry and stayed in the Opryland Hotel for 3 nights. They also went to the Wild Horse Saloon, Opry Mills Mall, and sang at a local church on Sunday morning.  They got back Sunday evening—he had a great time!  Here are some pictures of his group during dress rehearsal before they left for Nashville!

After Austin came home, we spent the evening coloring Easter eggs.  This was Addi’s first experience doing this and she really seemed to enjoy it.  She even ate one of them that had cracked which really surprised me since she is such a picky eater!!

Daddy had more fun than Addi did!

The finished products!
We had to color one for UK (of course) in celebration of their defeat over Louisville in the Final Four.  We are looking forward to them playing Kansas in the championship game on Monday night!!  Go CATS!! 

Here's a current picture of our house!  It's almost done!  Probably another week and it will be done!


  1. So exciting you are about to be in your new place and you're right around the corner from Lyndi right? That will be awesome! Looks like Austin had a fun trip. Good luck with the final stages of the move! The house is beautiful.

  2. BEAUTIFUL HOME, can't wait to see it in person =).