Thursday, April 19, 2012

Move-in Day

Well we spent the night for the very first night on Sunday, April 15th.  It went really well.  It immediately felt like "home" even though there were boxes sitting everywhere and the walls were bare.  We are still waiting on some furniture to be delivered that we just ordered but that will probably be another three weeks so we will make do until then! Addi seems to love her room. I have tried to get her room the most "normal" so that she understands that all of her toys will be at this house now. Her closet is full of all of her clothes. All of her toys are in her room now and we have converted her crib into a full-size bed. We are going to stick with the purple butterflies that we had at the old house so that it's familar to her--plus it's so stinkin' adorable. I haven't had time to work on a lot of the rest of the house yet but I wanted her room to be fixed up so that she can start to realize that it's HER own room. It's so cute because she is so confused right now. We will be out somewhere and tell her that we are going home and she asks, "to Nina's house?" We will just laugh and tell her that we are going home "to the new house." She will figure it out soon!

When it was bedtime Sunday night, I expected her to assume the normal routine of getting into our bed but she let me know that she wanted to sleep in HER new room.... Wow--I didn't expect that. So I read her a few books and tucked her into her big girl bed and started to head out the door. "Momma," she said in her sweet little angel voice, "I want you to sleep with me." That's all I needed to hear. "Of course I will, baby." I think I was asleep before she was--moving brings on a whole new level of exhaustion. It's something I hope we never ever do again.

Austin is getting settled. We are still waiting on his new bed and chest to be delivered. He picked out new black furniture. His walls are gray and he wants a red comforter and is going with a gray, black, and red color scheme in his room. He has several actor's signs and movie theatre decor that will look good with those colors... Maybe someday we will eventually get around to hanging stuff on all of these bare walls.

The kitchen is coming along too. I still have lots of boxes to unpack of stuff for the kitchen but the essentials are in--we have dishes and food! I'm excited though because I have lots of cabinet space and will hopefully have room for all of my stuff at this house.

Our master bedroom is probably the furthest from being organized! We have boxes everywhere. I know it will take time and that is the room I'm probably LEAST worried about!

I will post pictures once we get things more situated. I have a lot of pressure to get things done as quickly as possible as I am planning to have Addi's 2nd birthday party at our house in like 3 weeks--YIKES!

Gotta go get busy!!

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