Thursday, May 3, 2012


These past couple of days have been strange!  On Wednesday afternoon, I started feeling a little queasy at work.  By the time I got home that day, I wasn’t feeling well at all so I laid down while Craig and Addison played outside.  I slept for about an hour and then got up and seemed to be feeling a little better.  I was instantly sad to learn that Addi was asleep—she had fallen asleep at the dinner table which was a result of no nap during the day.  Craig was going to let her sleep for a little while and then get her up so that she would be ready to sleep when it was bedtime. 
About that time, I started feeling instantly sick and ran to the kitchen trash can—but didn’t make it.  Without getting too detailed, I will just say that there was a big mess in the kitchen and all over me.  Thankfully Craig is a great husband and he was able to clean it up and I went directly to the shower to get cleaned up.  Afterwards, I felt much better but was very tired and week so I laid back down.  As it turned out, Addi never woke up and Craig went on and put her into her bed at around 8.
I was up sick again at around 3 and thankfully Craig heard me because I had fallen and hit my head on the ceramic tile floor in the bathroom.  He helped me get me to the trash can just in time…  About an hour later, he had to take Austin to the ER—he was having severe back pain. 
At 6 AM I was up again sick.  This time, Addi woke up and was terrified that Mommy was so sick.  Craig wasn’t back from the ER yet but had texted me that Austin had a kidney stone—OH NO!!  Once I was “better,” I got Addi calmed down and called my sister to see if she could come get Addi since I was in no shape to take care of her.  Thankfully she did. 
I slept until about 11:15 that day and started feeling remarkably better. I truly believe I had food poisoning or something.  Austin, on the other hand, was given pain medication and told to drink lots of water in order to pass the stone.  He went to Craig’s parents and slept the majority of the day and ate very little.
The ONLY reason that I went in to work was because I was scheduled to be off the next day for Addi’s birthday and I just had to get a few things done!  I was still very weak but I knew it was because I hadn’t eaten. 
We are praying that we all feel a lot better and QUICK since we have BIG PARTY PLANS coming up!

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