Friday, April 13, 2012

Cleaning Day...

I took the day off on Thursday to clean the new house so that we could move in the following weekend.  I hated to be off work and not be able to enjoy the day off but this simply had to be done.  I worked hard all day and it definitely paid off because things were looking good by the end of the day!

Dining Room

Living room

Another view of Living Room

Half Bath

Front entry with dining room to the right

Breakfast Area

Addi's Room

Addi & Austin's Bathroom

Austin's Room

Hallway to Master and office

Laundry Room

My small office

Master Bedroom

Another View of Master

Master Bath

Another view of Master Bath








Gate on the deck to keep Addi from escaping!


Too bad it won't stay clean for long!

We definitely dread moving but are anxious to be settled in!

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