Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sunny Days….

We are loving this FABULOUS March weather!!!  I was off work on Friday so that I could take care of the kids since my mom had cataract surgery the day before (she is doing wonderful, by the way).  Thankfully it was a nice day and I was able to spend lots of time outside with the kids!

Friday night, we had a meet and greet in the Colonial Subdivision which was so much fun.  We met some great people and are excited to live in a subdivision with so many wonderful people that we have now met!
Saturday morning, Addi and I headed to City/County Park for an Easter egg hunt—only to find out that it had been cancelled.  She was so disappointed…  I told her that I would just take her to the park instead and that made her happy.  We had a GREAT time at the park.  That is such a wonderful thing that is COMPLETELY FREE that parents can do with their children.  We seriously had a blast.  She is such a fun little girl!

My precious BABY GIRL!!

Saturday night, we went over to the Cissell’s for a cookout and UK party—the CATS were playing the CARDS in the Final Four game and it was great to get together and watch it with all of our closest friends—Cissell’s, Mastin’s, Griffith’s, and Shannon’s.
After the game and our victory dancing, we went out to the back porch for a bonfire (no, we didn't torch any couches)--just marshmallows for s’mores.  The kids loved it! 

It was a great night and we were all worn out and ready for bed!  GO CATS!!!

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  1. I love that park - so many fun areas to explore and it's usually empty (bonus!). Love the bonfire pictures - looks like fun.