Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Weekend at Nolin Lake...

We had a great weekend with our family at Nolin Lake for the long weekend.  Austin opted to go with Craig’s parents to McCreary County to spend the weekend with their family there while Craig, Addi, and me went to the lake for our traditional Memorial Weekend gathering.  We had planned on taking our boat but because of the excessive rain we have had here, the water was up very high and our dock was underwater so we left the boat at home because Craig didn’t want to have to pull the boat in and out of the water each and every time we used it. 
It is always a treat to spend time with our extended family since none of them live close.  We always look forward to going to the lake for Memorial Weekend to get to see family that we don’t see often!  This year we got to spend time with our grandparents, Aunt Diane and Uncle Lindle, Cousins Tiffany and Matt and their 3 kids Karson, Isaac, and Miles, Aunt Lois and Uncle Jackie, Cousin Brittany and her 2 boys, Luke and Tucker (who live in Germany), Cousins Jackie and Stacy, and Cousins Monica and AJ and their daughter, Madison.  My mom and Lyndi and Randy and their kids Katie Belle and Connor were also there!

We took my grandparent’s pontoon boat out several times and everyone had a great time—especially when we stopped for SWIMMING!  The weather was terribly hot but we were thankful that it didn’t rain at all!

Addison was very excited to get to spend time with her newest 2nd cousin, Madison, who lives in Seymour, Indiana.  She is five months old and Addison, who is a super-sweet girl, wanted to love on her every chance she got!  Madison took baths outside on the front porch and let Addison use her bath tub too—Addi hadn’t had a bath in one of those kinds of bath tubs in quite a long time but she enjoyed it and I’m sure it felt refreshing since the temperature was in the 90s every day!

We filled up a blow-up pool on the porch on Sunday to let the kids play in while staying in the shade.  They had a great time playing together.  Addi took an extra long nap that day so she missed out on all the fun!

We always look forward to big breakfasts while at the lake where my grandmother does most of the cooking but we all try to pitch in and help.  She always fixes sausage, bacon, biscuits, eggs, and gravy. 

Every year we always have a fish fry while we are there where we eat blue-gill or bass that my uncles have caught.  My grandmother always makes hushpuppies and fries to go with it and everything is delicious! 
We left on Monday at around 5 PM.  We had a great time but were exhausted!  Addi fell asleep in her carseat about 5 minutes into the trip home.  I think all of that swimming really did her in!  She is our little water-dog!  I’m so glad that she likes the water.  I am looking forward to a lot of fun times at the pool with her this summer!
I’m so thankful for my wonderful family and for weekends when we can get together and just enjoy each other. 

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