Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy Happy Birthday Baby...

Well my baby is officially a year old!!  Happy Birthday sweet Addison!  We had a great day celebrating her birthday.  I took a vacation day from work and we started the morning with a birthday balloon and singing Happy Birthday.  She loved the balloon and grinned from ear to ear as I sang to her!  We played all morning at home and then decided to go to lunch.

Craig didn’t have to be at work until 1 PM so the 3 of us went to lunch at Fazoli’s and Addi got her very own spaghetti kids meal and she loved it!!  Spaghetti is one of her favorites so she had spaghetti, some bites of breadstick, and bites of pizza.  She’s a piggy!  I guess I was too busy feeding her and myself to get a picture but believe me—she enjoyed every bit of it and it was all over her!

After lunch we came home so that Craig could get ready for work.  Daddy shared a sucker with her before he left for work.  He asked her to show him her tongue and she quickly obliged--love the purple tongue. 

See my purple tongue, Daddy!

After he left, me and Addison headed to Lexington for SHOPPING!  She was past due a nap so she fell asleep in the car right away and when we arrived at our first destination (Meijer’s) she was sleeping too peacefully for me to wake her up so I let her sleep and I cleaned out my purse and found other things to do in the car while we sat in the parking lot!  (The things we do for our kids!!)  Once she woke up, we shopped inside Meijer for awhile and we walked out with several new birthday outfits for Addi.

Birthday nap
Our next stop was the mall.  Lyndi was going to squeeze me in for a wax so we ran up to Dillard’s first to get that done.  Of course it is never a quick trip into Dillard’s because we have to visit with all of Lyndi’s co-workers who are so sweet and who love to see Addison!
I was hoping to take her to the park on her birthday but it was a chilly day so I was planning on letting her play at the indoor play area at the mall as long as there weren’t too many kids there.  I was hoping that since it was the middle of the day on a Wednesday that it wouldn’t be crowded because it gets pretty hectic in that play area when there are lots of kids.  Now that she is walking though, I figured it was okay for her to play as long as there weren’t too many kids there!  SHE LOVED IT!  She thought she was big stuff prancing from one place to another!  It was the cutest thing ever!  There were only a few kids there and they were all small and they seemed to all gravitate toward her which she loved.  She absolutely loves being around other kids and smiles and laughs and points at them!  And yes, I DID get a little camera-happy (sorry)!

Deep conversation!

Telling jokes with her newfound friend!


After playing, I thought it was the perfect time for her 1st ever Chic-fil-a milkshake because who doesn’t love those?  So we got a vanilla milkshake with whipped cream and well, she loved it (of course).  At times, I would have to pull the straw out of her mouth because I didn’t want her to get sick.  She would immediately fuss at me to give it back! 

Heaven on Earth...

Our final stop at the mall was the Children’s Place which is one of my favorite children’s stores.  Once again, she walked out with a bag of goodies.  We are a dangerous shopping pair!  I can only imagine the danger in years to come when she is more vocal.  Even now though, she will see something that she likes and point and make a laughing grunt sound—especially when it comes to shoes.  She already has a shoe-fetish!  She found 2 pairs of flip-flops with the strap on the back that she loved and I couldn’t resist—plus they were on sale! 
We needed to head back home because Mom had told me that she and Dad and Randy and Katie and Connor (Lyndi was still at work) were planning to come over and bring pizza and cake and balloons for a little mini-birthday party!  It was so much fun.  Addison loves being around all of them and the more chaotic the better as far as she’s concerned!  Chaotic it was as you can tell from the pictures of my living room!  We gave her a little piece of cake to try and she did stick her fingers in it but she didn’t dive into it or anything!  Honestly, I think she was still bloated from the milkshake she had earlier!

We even had pony rides!
After a busy day, Addison fell asleep in Mommy's arms on the couch!  She was a worn out little birthday girl.  After all, being a birthday girl is VERY hard work!

We had a great day and I enjoyed spending every second with my sweet girl.  It has been a whirlwind year but it has been wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing.  Happy Birthday Sweet Pea.  Mommy loves you!
Her “real” birthday party is on Sunday, May 8th which is also Mother’s Day so I’m sure I will have tons of pictures to post from that!  We look forward to seeing my grandparents (her great-grandparents) who are coming all the way from Louisville to be at her party—all 4 of them!
Baby dedication day is Sunday at church too so I will post pictures of that.  Sunday is going to be a very busy day for us but it will be a great day!


  1. Happy birthday, Addi! You are so beautiful, and so well loved. What a blessed little girl!

  2. Oh my goodness. I knew her bday was coming up, but I didn't realize it was Sunday. What a big day for her. It was so great to see your family on Sunday. I've missed seeing lyndi and randy. Hope yall had a good afternoon. I look forward to pics soon. That last pic of her sleeping is precious and I love that you had an entire day just with her. Those are sweet memories in the making.