Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Crazy Weekend...

Well, we knew that the weekend would be busy but weren’t expecting part of what was in store for us!
It started out Friday night as we prepared to get things ready for our yard sale on Saturday.  We had been cleaning out the basement several months ago and had a huge pile of stuff that we were ready to part with.  In addition to our stuff, Mom and Lyndi had a lot that they wanted to get rid of also so it turned out that we had a little bit of everything to offer at smashing, low prices!  We worked until late Friday night getting everything in our garage and organized so that Saturday morning, we could just move stuff out to the driveway.  After working hard Friday night, the guys were ready to eat again so Craig ran to McDonalds for a late-night snack.  Nosy Addi was still awake and when there is food, there is Addi so she had to be right in the middle of them while they ate—of course, they shared with her and she had a late–night snack too!

We sold a bedroom suite, chaise lounge, computer desk, 2 entertainment centers, several chairs, end tables, bar stools, patio set, vacuum cleaners, bouncy seat, double-stroller, TV, wooden shelves, home décor, clothes, shoes, toys, etc…  We got rid of a lot of stuff and made a little money too so it was a nice trade-off.  Most everything that was left was loaded up on a trailer and dropped off at Goodwill! 
Thankfully, it was a beautiful day and the crowds were out!  It was such a beautiful day that the kids (Addison, Katie Belle, and Connor) played most of the time in the garage or in the driveway—which meant they needed sunscreen.  We lathered them up and let them play.  We noticed that Addi had started to get a little rash on her belly but we thought it was probably heat rash since she has had that before so we didn’t think too much about it.  Craig took her in for a nap and after her nap, her rash looked better.

We decided that since it was so nice (and the yard sale crowd had really slowed down), we would take the kids to Craig’s sister’s house to swim.  Mom stayed at our house and tended to the yard sale while we went swimming.  More sunscreen of course and lots of fun in the water!  The kids had a blast and ended up swimming for probably close to two hours!  Addison still had a bit of a rash but it wasn’t too bad and was only on her stomach/chest area. 

We went home and I put her in the bath tub to get the sunscreen off.  The rash was still there but I figured it would take some time for it to go away and it certainly didn’t seem to be bothering her.
We decided to go to Gattitown for dinner which is an all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta, breadsticks place with indoor merry-go-round, games, etc…  She had a good time and enjoyed riding the merry-go-round (twice).  By the time we left though, she was starting to get a little fussy and we noticed her itching her chest and becoming agitated.  We decided to stop and get some Bendaryl on the way home and give her a dose of that to help with the itching.

When we got home and changed her clothes, we noticed that the rash was more prominent on her chest and stomach and was also on her back.  We called the pediatrician on-call and he said that we should continue to give her Benadryl and that it sounded like heat rash to him too.  We asked about taking her to the ER but he said that the only thing they would probably do would be to give her Benadryl, which we were already doing so we went to bed. 
She was probably up half a dozen times itching and miserable.  It was pathetic to see her that way.  We tried everything we could think of to keep her comfortable but nothing was helping.  The rash had spread to her bottom and was itching her like crazy. 
Sunday morning, we decided it was time to go to the ER because the rash had spread to her face now too.  To make a long story short, six hours later we left the UK Pediatric ER with a couple of prescriptions (one for a steroid) and not many answers.  The doctors really thought she had had an allergic reaction to something—maybe the sunscreen since it was a kind I’d never used before.  It was the “Especially for Kids” brand from Babies R’ Us.  Needless to say, I have already thrown it away.  I’m not 100% sure that is what caused it but I’m not taking any chances.  I just can’t think of anything different that she ate or was exposed to other than the sunscreen.  I have used the Baby Blanket brand before (also from Babies R’ Us) without any problem, so I will be going back to that.  Her pediatrician recommended Coppertone Waterbabies so I also bought some of that—the Pure & Simple kind.

A few days have passed and she is much better now.  The medications have cleared up most of the rash and we expect it to be completely gone by the time the last of the medicine is gone.  That was NOT fun.  It was so hard to see her so agitated by the itching.  It’s never fun to go through that but even harder to see a baby grabbing her skin and scratching it.  Good times…

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