Monday, June 13, 2011

Repeat EEG...

Addi had an appointment on Monday, June 2nd to have an EEG to make sure that the reading was still normal.  As long as the reading came back normal, her neurologist was going to begin weaning her off of her seizure medication, Keppra. 
She hadn’t had one done since she was 3 months old and I was very worried about keeping her still since she is SO ACTIVE now but she did great.  Thankfully, they put me in a recliner and she got to sit in my lap while they attached all of the wires and electrodes to her head.  Even though she was very curious as to what they were doing to her, I was able to keep her distracted by reading books and by playing with electronic learning toys. 

We went back on June 13th to get the results and….  The results were NORMAL!  J  Her doctor gave us a schedule to go by as we wean her off of the medication very slowly.  It will take a full month before she is completely medication-free but we are very hopeful that she will remain seizure and medication free! 

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