Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Family Time in Gatlinburg....

Craig’s nephew, Nick, was leaving for Boot Camp with the Army in early July, so the family decided to do a weekend get-away in Gatlinburg before he left.  Everyone headed South early Saturday morning (which was also Lisa’s birthday).  It takes about 3 ½ hours to get there, so I wasn’t sure how miss Addi would do but she didn’t do too bad.  I mean, I did do a lot of entertaining in the back seat with her, but we made it there.  As soon as got into Gatlinburg, we stopped at Chic-fil-a for some lunch. 
The cabin that we rented had 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool table, and a hot tub out on the deck.  It was very nice but it could have been a little bigger to accommodate all of us!  Here is a picture:

We celebrated Lisa’s birthday Saturday night by going to the Apple Barn for dinner.  We had a nice, long wait but we passed the time by visiting some of the shops nearby—which included a candy shop, where homemade candy is made.  Addi HAD to have a sucker (before dinner)...

They have lots of outdoor sitting areas while you wait so we spent some time waiting in this gazebo while Addi entertained everyone!

You can’t go to Gatlinburg without doing some shopping so we made a trip to the Tanger Outlets and went to a couple other outlet centers.  Addi rode a horse while shopping!

Craig, Austin, James, Morgan, Dalton, and Nick did some ziplining which they said was a blast.  I was VERY proud of Austin for doing that since he isn’t very fond of heights!
Sunday night, we ate at a steakhouse called  “The Alamo.”  It was good.  Addi made her rounds sampling everyone’s dinner!  Outside the restaurant was a little creek and ducks everywhere.  Addison loved the ducks!

Monday, Craig, Addi, and I did some more shopping while Austin went with Nick and Papaw to a place called Knife Works (totally a guy store).  Nana and Debbie did more shopping at a flea market where there were lots of crafts.  James and Lisa left to go home after breakfast since Dalton had baseball practice that night and James and Lisa were both working on Tuesday.
Monday night, we ate at Mel’s Diner which is just a little dive but has great burgers and a cool atmosphere.
We packed up Tuesday morning and headed back home.  Before we left the cabin, Craig turned Addi’s carseat around so that it was forward-facing in hopes that she would be more content seeing out of the windshield.  She fell asleep pretty soon after we got on the road and slept for about an hour of the trip. 

We had a good time and always enjoy spending time with family but were glad to be home!  Here are some random pictures from the trip:

Daddy rocking Addi to sleep!  Awwww...

Swimming at the pool

She loved the big bathtub!

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