Friday, December 2, 2011

18-months old...

Addi had her 18-month well-baby check-up yesterday…  She is actually close to 19-months now but oh well.  And she wasn’t exactly well as she and I have been battling a cold since Thanksgiving! 
She is in the 80-95%ile for height and is 33.5 inches long.  She is in the 50%ile for weight, weighing in at 23.7 lbs and is in the 50 %ile for head circumference.
Dr. McKinney told me that now was a good time to lose the pacifier as it can start to affect her teeth so this weekend we will probably gather them all up and make them disappear.  I actually think she will do fine.  It seems she depends on them less and less every day.  My baby is growing up.
We also talked about potty training.  I know most kids aren’t ready at this age but I really think she is.  She has been waking up in the mornings dry a lot and she is very aware of others going to potty and tells us when she is. 
Other statistics for her at this age are:
She has 11 teeth total – including 3 jaw teeth; she is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothing; she wears a size 6 shoe; she wears a size 4 diaper; her eyes vary between a bluish/grayish/greenish color—we still aren’t sure what color they will end up being; she has started using primarily her right hand when holding a crayon or pencil; she likes to eat with utensils but still isn’t that great with them; she can count to 11; she can say most of her ABC’s; she loves to sing; she likes to play with fairies and her kitchen;she does NOT like to wear hair bows anymore; she loves to brush her teeth; she teases Craig and I about whose girl she is (I’m momma’s girl; I’m daddy’s girl); she loves to put on her pjs at night or any cute outfit and then “go show daddy”; she speaks in sentences and has been for quite a while!
We have so many nicknames for her!  Her latest is Stinkerbell.  We call her that because she loves Tinkerbell.  She answers to all of the many names we call her—Booger, Sweet Pea, Sissy, Stinkerbell, etc…—she always knows who we are talking about!

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