Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning at home…

Christmas morning was so much fun!  Addison woke up at around 7, which is her normal time to wake up on the weekends (no sleeping in for us)!
Craig and I raced downstairs to the living room to get the camera ready and Austin and Addi followed to see if Santa had been to our house—and he sure had!
Addi was excited to see her new bicycle!  She ran over to it right away!  “Look Momma,” she said.  It was priceless to see her excitement!
The kids took turns opening presents…  Addi got 2 barking puppy dogs, the Radio Flyer tricycle, a shopping cart, a crying baby doll, fairy wings, a memory game, bath toys, washable markers, crayons and markers for the bathtub, a car seat for her baby doll, new Skechers, several new outfits, two pairs of pajamas, and a savings bond.
Austin got lots of clothes, a GPS for his car (we bought him a Camry—used of course—which was part of his Christmas too), new Sperrys, and a savings bond. 


After everything was opened, our living room was a complete disaster!

Addi played with her new stuff while the rest of us got ready to go to celebrate Christmas again—this time with my family.  We were meeting at 12:30 at Lyndi’s for a late breakfast and to open more presents!

Addi giving Santa the "thumbs up"

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