Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bedtime Prayers....

(Most) every night when Addi and I lay down to go to sleep, we say our bedtime prayers.  I keep it pretty short and sweet so that I can keep her attention.  It goes something like this:
Dear God,
Please watch over our family and keep them safe and healthy.  We ask that you please watch over Austin and keep him safe as he is learning how to drive.  We ask that you please watch over Addi and keep her safe and healthy.  We love you very much and ask that you please forgive us of all of our sins. Amen.
She has parts of our prayer memorized and will chime in during certain parts of the prayer.  She always says Amen at the end which is so cute.
Well, last night after we said Amen, she said, “what about Daddy?” So we asked God specifically to watch over Daddy.  Then she said, “what about Katie Belle?”  So we asked God specifically to watch over Katie Belle.  We went through this with several of the family members and finally she said, “what about Tinkerbell?”  So we asked God to watch over Tinkerbell as she is flying around. 
Our prayer, in general, asks God to watch over our family, which to me, means we are praying for grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc…  I thought it was so cute and sweet that she wanted specific names addressed!  Maybe she is ready for our bedtime prayer to get a little longer!

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