Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Re-cap

Life is so busy and goes too fast!  I can't believe it's February already!  I try so hard to keep up with this blog and picture-taking, but I seem to be falling short!!  I'm not sure why with working full-time, building a house, and trying to pack up the house.  In addition to all of that, Austin is practicing for a play at the Lexington Children's Theatre about 4 nights a week.  Oh yeah, and then there is Addi--who is busy, busy, busy...

Just to re-cap a little of the month of January, I am going to use pictures with captions:

Ladybug glasses from Aunt Sandy (Daddy is cracking up)!
Playing at the Mall
Playing with washable markers in the tub
"Helping" mommy crack eggs (notice the egg on the counter)!
Helping Grandma eat dessert at Logan's
Uncle Jackie (who she LOVES)
Little Jackie before he left for Afghanistan
Addi eating snacks in her basket
Eating birthday cake at Aunt Lisa's

Playing dress up

Cousins playing dress up

Katie & Addi doing crafts

Helping Morgan blow out candles!

PJs and a Tutu

Being a good mommy

Hat Day!

Taking a nap with Grandma

Reading with Grandpa

It's Snowing!!

Eating at Chili's!

Catching snow with Daddy!

At Monkey Joe's after church

Coloring Tinkerbell at home

I know that these are some of the best times of our lives.  I just wish that things would slow down a little so that we could enjoy the times a little more!!! 

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