Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good times...

Whew!!  Another very busy but very fun weekend has come and gone!  It was my birthday on Friday, so after work, my whole family (Smith’s and Vahle’s) met at Cheddar’s for a birthday dinner!  We had a very good time—it’s always fun when we are all together.  It was great to see my brother since I hadn’t seen him since his birthday at the end of December.  Addi is always happy to see Uncle B!

These little signs were all over the house and on my steering wheel Friday morning--compliments of sweet Austin!
Funny note:  Friday morning, Addi woke up early (before the alarm clock went off), which is very unusual for her.  We have to wake her up VERY early though the week (6:10) and she never wants to get up!  Anyway, she was tossing and turning in the bed, and I said to her, “Addi, you need to be still and go back to sleep.”  Her reply to me was (in her sweet little voice), “Don’t be so bossy, mommy!”  LOL—she has heard that a time or two…  I just closed my eyes and went back to sleep and so did she!
Saturday, Craig had to work and so I took Austin to his play practice Saturday afternoon.  Before dropping him off, we stopped at White Castle to eat lunch.  This was Addi’s first experience with White Castle and she loved it—YIPEE!!  The tradition lives on!  I know most people aren’t fans of White Castle but my entire family loves it.  It all started with my grandparents and they are still big fans!  I was very proud that Addi will carry on our tradition of White Castle love—especially since it’s so healthy and all!!

Saturday night, I made some yummy potato/cheese soup and then the kids and I made Valentine’s cupcakes.  Addi helped to line the pan with the cupcake holders and Austin added the ingredients.  It’s fun baking together and letting her help!  When the cupcakes were iced, she put some red sprinkles on them and then I let her enjoy her creation.  She definitely enjoyed it—ALL OVER!  After that, it was straight to the bath tub.

Sampling the icing...  YUM!

Painting her chest for the UK game!

All clean!

Saturday night after Addi went to bed, Craig and I sat up to watch the UK game which didn’t start until 9.  It was a great game and we are so excited that our Wildcats are doing so well!!
Sunday morning, we had a great service at church.  I’ve been so proud of Addi that she has been going to class for like the last 4 weeks in a row.  The first couple of times, she went into the 3-year old class so that she could go with Katie.  But the last two weeks, she has gone into class by herself—the 2 year olds.  She should actually be in the nursery since she isn’t quite 2 but she won’t stay in there.  I really think she needs to be around older kids because I think she relates to them better since she is such a good little communicator.  She fits in just perfect in the 2-year old class.  They always have a little page to color with a memory verse on it.  She has done a great job at learning her memory verse which is, “Love God with all of your heart.”  The theme has been about love since Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!  I’m so proud of her!

Accessories are a must for church!
Unfortunately after church, Craig hit a concrete pole as we were pulling out of our parking spot.  It was right in his blind spot.  That kind of put a damper on our great morning at church but thankfully it wasn’t another car or a person even!  We will get it fixed—it was just frustrating! 

Sunday afternoon, I went to a bridal shower for a dear friend who is like a part of our family.  She (Angela) is marrying a guy from New York.  We are excited that he is moving here instead of her moving there.  She’s waited a very long time for this so we are very happy for her! 
It was a great weekend.  It just went by way too fast, of course.  I love having time at home with my family.  I’m so blessed! 

LOVE that SWEET face!

Marilyn Monroe pose!

Momma's precious little angel!

Next weekend, we are going to Cincinnati to spend a day at an indoor water park.  I am excited and know that the kids will have a blast!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! Mine is the 20th - didn't know we had bday so close together! So precious that Austin made signs for you - what a wonderful way to start your special day. Such sweet pictures. Tim and I are always saying after seeing y'all on Sunday: "Lord, that child is precious!". Poor Craig - I know that had to be so frustrating! Y'all will have so much fun next weekend. Can't wait to hear/read all about it! =)