Saturday, February 4, 2012

21 Months Old...

My little baby is 21 months old today.  It's so hard to believe!

Coloring Lotso Huggin' Bear (from Toy Story 3)

She says Lotso is "a mean ole guy."  LOL
She is growing and changing so fast.  She continues to amaze all of us with her vocabulary.  She constantly surprises me with new words that I had no clue that she knew and could say, such as octopus, dinosaur, and crocodile!!  We never have any trouble communicating with her because she can say whatever she wants.  It's so nice that she is able to tell us what she wants and needs! 

She is quite a little drama queen too.  She wants you to "kiss it" if anything hurts.  She is very active so she has lots of boo-boos and they all need to be kissed--multiple times.

She is wearing mainly 24 month and 2T clothes and a size 6 shoe.  She is still wearing size 4 diapers.  She is still quite a picky eater and doesn't like to try new stuff.  I guess she gets that honest, so I can't complain!  She still loves fruit and drinks a lot of milk.  Her favorite snacks are fruit snacks, the gummy snacks that are fruit-flavored.  They probably aren't terribly healthy but she loves them so I give them to her in moderation and if she has eaten dinner well.

She has finally cut one of her incisors.  She has had a rough time with it.  I think they are all trying to come in at about the same time.  But one has finally made its debut, so her tooth count is now up to 11! 

She loves the movie Toy Story 3 and that is really the only thing on TV that keeps her attention.  We turn it on in the car quite a bit so that she is focussed on that instead of telling us that "she's stuck" (in her car seat).  She doesn't like to be restrained! 

She loves taking a bath and especially if I put bubbles in her bath water.  She plays with her washable markers and loves for us to color her skin and nails with the markers.

She also LOVES to have her finger nails and toe nails painted.  It's quite a chore to keep her still long enouth to get them  painted and dried!  Usually mommy paints them and daddy starts blowing right away!  I'm sure we are really comical!  The lengths you go to for beauty, right?  Currently her toe nails are blue and her finger nails are purple.  I just let her pick...  Someday we will have a conversation about coordinating the two!!  :)

She plays with her kitchen a lot and is all the time bringing me "coffee."  I'll pretend to drink my coffee and she'll ask me if I want some more and will continue to fill my cup.  It's so sweet.  I'll tell her that I love her coffee and will ask her how she makes it to which her reply is "good."  :)  She definitely makes it good--actually her coffee is the BEST. 

She also loves her babies and takes good care of them.  We have Holly, Molly, Suzie, Sally, Emma, Addi, and Mary.  She also has a stuffed dog that she named Pinky Pie that she loves!  She's a sweet girl and I love that she is so nurturing to her babies!

Happy 21 months Addi.  I love you so much!

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