Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas at Home....

We got home on Christmas Eve and got the kids in bed as quickly as possible so that Santa could visit.  Addi had colored some pictures for Santa and also left cookies and milk for him.  Hope he comes tonight.  Sweet dreams....

Looks like Santa came!!  The kids got tons of stuff from Santa and from Mom and Dad including a package that had magic bands in them for a trip to Disney in January!  Addi got a Cinderella dress for the trip so that she could wear it at the Bibbiti Bobbiti Boo Salon and the character dinners!

Addi gets so excited over shoes and this year, she had asked for brown cowgirl boots.  She got those as well as black ones, new Crocs, sparkly Dorothy shoes, pink rain boots, and Elsa shoes.  That girl is a shoe-a-holic! She also got an Elsa costume, a castle to color, some clothes, and a pink guitar! Austin got mostly clothes--Patagonia jacket, jeans, shirts, and also a steamer for his dorm room as well as a new down comforter for his bed at home.

We are very blessed.  It was a wonderful Christmas morning at home.  It was time to get dressed and head over to mom's for Christmas breakfast and more present opening!

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