Monday, August 18, 2014

Officially becoming a Hilltopper....

On Saturday, August 16th, we made the trip to Bowling Green driving two cars loaded down with dormitory stuff.  The time to take (and leave) Austin at WKU had come.  We made plans to stay the night at my cousin Shannon's house and he would move in the dorm Sunday morning.  Saturday evening when we got there, the kids were excited to do a little swimming and playing in the hot tub and after that, we loaded up and went to Zaxby's to eat dinner.  After dinner, Shannon took us on campus and showed us around the beautiful campus and we took a few pictures.

The next morning, we went to church with all of our Bowling Green family and Austin headed over to Western to get registered and get the moving in process started.  After church we headed straight over to Western just in time for the down pouring of rain to begin.  It was comical.  Really comical.  Trying to load baskets and baskets of clothing along with a microwave, refrigerator, TV, computers, comforters, towels, food, waters, etc..  in the pouring rain was not what we had envisioned.  Combine that with the chaos of what seemed like about 3,000 other students trying to do the same thing made for a crazy, frustrating, and very comical day.  We got it all loaded in and worked on organizing his room--got his bed made, clothes and food put away and then Craig went to work on hooking up the TV.  Of course we needed a few extension cords and other things for the dorm so we made a trip to Walmart to pick up a few last minute things (including a WKU t-shirt that we took back to him) before we decided that we had done all that we could do.

By that time, we were all starving so we loaded up in the car and went to O'Charley's for lunch and then dropped him back off at his dorm before heading for home.  It was a hard goodbye even though we had tried to prepare ourselves for it.  The tears began to flow but we knew that he was in good hands and had family close by in case of an emergency.

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