Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I found Addison’s Halloween costume at a consignment sale this year.  It looked brand new and she was adorable in it.  She was a little elephant!  She loved wearing her costume except sometimes the hood came down a little too far and she had a hard time seeing.
She was a champ at trick-or-treating and was even able to say Trick-or-Treat and Thank You (her manners lately are making momma super proud – she says “bless you” when she hears someone sneeze,  “please” when she wants something (after being reminded) and “thank you” when she is given something).
We took her to a Trunk or Treat at Ann’s church and she loved it and got lots of candy and we also did the usual neighborhood trick or treating on Halloween night.  We started out in Craig’s parent’s subdivision and walked around for about an hour and then headed to my parent’s church for their trunk or treat.  The sweet elephant has a BUCKETFUL of candy.  Obviously there are only a limited number of things she can have so the rest of us (me, Craig, and Austin) made out pretty nicely on the candy stash! 

After all of that, we had to be at Austin’s school at 8PM for a Halloween concert and skit.  It was really good and a great end to a very fun night!

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