Friday, June 6, 2014

Austin's High School Graduation!

On Friday, June 6th, Austin became a high school graduate--sniff sniff.  It is so very hard to believe.  He has been my son since he was 11 years old and the time has just flown by.  It's hard to believe he was only this big when Craig and I got married and now he towers over me and is as tall as Craig!

Graduation was at Southland Christian Church and began at 4 PM.  Because of Austin's large graduating class, tickets were distributed for graduation and each student was only allotted 8 tickets.  We did manage to score a couple more tickets since we certainly had more than 8 who wanted to attend.  Those who were at graduation from our family were: Craig and I, Austin's mom and his little brother Dawson, Craig's parents, my parents, and Craig's sister Lisa and cousin Morgan.  Addi had already informed us that she didn't want to go and I didn't really see her sitting quietly for that long anyway so she stayed with my sister and we made arrangements to pick her up after graduation so that we could all go to dinner.

The graduation was very nice (and long) and afterwards we were starving so we picked up Addi and headed to O'Charley's.  Craig's parents and Austin's mom and brother met us there too.  We enjoyed a nice dinner together and then headed home to prepare for his graduation party the next day at our house.

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