Monday, February 10, 2014

The BIG one!

Well the dreaded day arrived and I thought I had slipped under the radar at work until I got back (from a wonderful birthday lunch at Tin Roof with mom and Addison) to an office that was decorated like this:

It was crazy.  I had false teeth, a cane, a pill divider, old man repellant spray, gas relief pills, coke bottle glasses, and several other “old age necessities.”  In addition, one person had made me a “cake” out of cokes, pop tarts, and blow pops—all staples in my diet. 
In addition, they got me a huge cookie cake with a big 4-0 on it!  Love it!
I also found out that my family had planned a huge party with 40-50 confirmed guests that was supposed to have happened on February 8th.  Unfortunately though, my sister was diagnosed with the flu that very morning and all had plans had to be cancelled.  The cake was already ordered and finished though so we had a whole sheet cake to work our magic on...

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